Weird, weird stuff. It wouldn't be nearly as weird if it hadn't happened TWICE:

Last year, the kidlet and I were at a cemetary in Redondo Beach. It's kind of old fashioned, with headstones and such - I was just starting to do some photography, and I thought the place was moody enough - grey skies, shadowy trees, graves aplenty... I had been to this cemetary before, on Halloween a few years back. I noticed the same thing both times - there's a very strong feeling of love and peace at this particular cemetary. Maybe it's the residual affection from the loved ones left behind - or maybe it's the spirits of the dearly departed, sort of hanging around. At any rate, during my "photo-shoot", I was standing in the midst of a group of graves - the ones that are just plaques stuck in the ground with names and data on them. I looked down at my feet, and lo and behold, it was the grave of an old family friend, whom I hadn't seen since I was about 16 years old! I thought, what a coincidence, out of all these graves, to come across somebody I knew.

Last week, the kidlet and her dad were exploring a cemetary near his home - one of those large, chain cemetaries, Forest Lawn. At one point, he too looked down at his feet - to find himself standing directly over MY GRANDMOTHER,and MY UNCLE!!! (insert scary music here).

Perhaps the dead call us over, so they can get a look at how we turned out...

Weird, weird stuff indeed.


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