Loved the Buffy. Loooved the Buffy. Waited, waited and waited through the singing, and the dancing, and the plot - waited for the kissing. Mmmmmmm the kissing. So glad I taped it. Gonna replay and replay and replay. Kissing. Good.


I voted in the local School Board election today at lunch. I don't think I've missed more than a couple of elections since Carter ran against Ford (he did, didn't he? - geez I can't remember now). I so believe in voting. I get all militant with my non-voting friends. I know, it's not much, and after the Presidential election, it seems like who one votes for doesn't even matter - but, I believe it does. I believe it so much that I'm going to become more and more active in getting out the vote for the elections to follow. We only have about 2 years until all the campaigning starts again. Other parties need to find good, capable, ELECT-ABLE candidates. If there is a God (and, really, I'm counting on it for this) we'll be able to make some changes - and, if the current administration fucks up enough, perhaps the electorate will begin to demand REAL accountability.. Nah. Never happen in my lifetime.


Spoke with the ex-husband this afternoon about Thanksgiving. He wants the kidlet. I want him to take her for the day. Works out great. I did ask him if they were going to his dad's house for dinner. He said he didn't know, and that his little wife was still angry with his dad for taking his brother's side in their stupid fight. I had the intense pleasure of saying "Well, you know, when you're part of a family - someone's always getting their feelings hurt. It's good to try and get over things. And THEN, I got to say "Well, you and your brother have your WOMEN to keep happy"... God, I'm such a bitch. But, really. My ex's new bride has no family. They're all dead. She doesn't know that part of the joy of being in a family, is telling one of the family members to fuck off - and then asking if the'll pass the potatoes. Families are not like other groups of people. You become so close/intertwined/immeshed with family members that painful stuff is just bound to happen. But ya gotta get over it.

Plus, I'm loving that my ex father-in-law probably wishes I was still the daughter-in-law - instead of the domineering she-wolf his son married this time...

Kissing. Good.

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