Ahh. Last day of working until December 27th. Five whole days away from this pit of hell...

We've had a lovely day here though. the office mates and I put up many "noshing stations" around the office. Cookies here, vegetarian sushi there, haystacks, sweet potato pie. It's all good. We exchanged gifts - ooh - my most wonderful boss gave me "The Godfather Collection" on DVD!!! I'm a complete Godfather freak. I have seen Godfather I, nearly 100 times! I know every line, every camera angle... I also love Godfather II, but I lost the video in the divorce. I have to borrow it from the ex-husband when I have a hankering to see it. As for the third installment - I just pretend it never happened. That Sophia Coppola might be one heck of a director, but in my humble opinion, she single-handedly trashed the third installment of the trilogy... Peee-you!

Anyway, I am sooo completely jazzed about this DVD collection. I can't wait to watch!

I spoke at length today with the ex-husband. He was giving me the straight story about his feud with his brother and the brother's girlfriend. After hearing the whole story, I have decided to side with the ex. At any rate, during our conversation he mentioned he and his bride are going to New York for New Years. He said he didn't want to tell our kidlet, because she will be jealous. You know, she will be jealous. She wants to go to New York. He said that he would really like to take her there someday - (just not right now, with the blushing bride and all), and I felt a little stab in the gut. See, I would really love to go to New York with the kidlet. Unfortunately, economics being what they are around the farm, I can't risk spending that kind of dough on a trip, when the clutch on the Geo might be going out at any minute - or my company might decide it would be better off without me... Nope. Better stay home for a while yet.

The kidlet and I have been dreaming of a trip to England and Ireland... We'd take one of those vacations where you plan your own itinerary, and stay at cozy places, and drive around on the wrong side of the road... We'll see what the future brings.

I'm going to clean up my little office now, so it's pleasant when I get back here on Thursday.


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