Ahhhhh! Crisis averted. Problems solved. Today was the first day in I don't know how long - that I was actually able to start a project and finish it. I got many little jobs done. The floor of my office is empty - no papers, boxes, rolls of tape. Clean. The packages arrived on time and in good order this morning as planned. Thank you oh gods of FedEx!


To celebrate the above, plus the arrival of a distant relative - my "auntie" who has been missing in action for a few weeks - I made the momentus decision to go on over to Suncoast Video and pick up the new 6 disk box set of the first season of my new favorite show "Queer as Folk"... I can re-live all my favorite episodes, whenever I feel like it - and it has hours of outtakes and interviews with the cast and writers. I'll be in nekkid man heaven. Not that I just watch it for the eye-candy. This show is the BOMB as far as comedy and romance go. I'm just trying to justify the purchase in my own mind. $90 is a lotta dough. Ah, well. I just lived through a business near-death experience. I NEED these videos.


Speaking of near-death. Yesterday, I yelled at one of my bosses the way I used to yell at my husband! He just pissed me off to such an extent, that before I could stop myself, I was mid-yell! He said he would call me back and quickly hung up. Today, I did apologize for the melt-down. He told me he hardly noticed anything wrong. I said, "oh, yeah? I thought I smelled fear..." He confessed he had hung up with me and called his OWN boss to try and figure out what to do with this crazy assistant. All seems to be well today. I'm not as insane, and he's less terrified.

Well, it's off to the video store. Yeee Ha! Ride 'em Cowboy!!!!!


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