I have found a new place to cruise for men. Home Depot!

I went to H.D. yesterday to get a thingy for my sliding glass door. It's a kind of long metal tube that is threaded inside, and the screw that goes into the door handle fits snuggly inside of it. Mine broke and the handle is loose.

I was still wearing my nice, Beverly Hills wear - black trouser pants and red, lead with your tits sweater, and I felt pretty okay with the size of my ass for some reason. I strolled down the aisles, soaking up the testosterone - which was massive, as most of the men were finishing up their weekend chores before the big football game.

I couldn't find the exact widget I needed, so I asked a nice looking man in an orange vest to help me. He was astounded that I was in the correct aisle to begin with. He said that not too many people would have been that close to the desired part! (by people, I'm sure he meant "women") and he said I was very smart... My last boyfriend used to take me to hardware stores, and more than once, we looked for parts. I simply paid attention to how it was done.

I never wanted to leave Home Depot. Not only was I surrounded by men, exhuding hormones - I was complimented and validated - in their very own realm!

Damn. Can't wait for someting else to break.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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