I just finished re-living the entire ten years I was married to my kidlet's dad.

They had a telephone conversation, which could have been taken word-for-word, from one of our many frustrating discussions over the years. Jesus!

He called her, to discuss their recent "incident" at Carls Jr. The one where she asked him not to holler at the counter person from the back of the line - in order to humiliate that counter person for being dumb and slow. His opinion is that the kidlet shouldn't embarrass him in public by giving her opinion. That it's completely okay for him to behave in any manner he sees fit, and she is to remain quiet and adoring...

One of these days, that sonofabitch is going to get shot, or at the very least beaten up by somebody he insults. I swear, as an example, he was proud of an encounter he had with an employee of a certain cookie stand in the mall. The ex ordered his cookie, and the counter person said something, I'm sure he thought of as cute (although misguided) about wanting to hear "please"... The ex started in with "well, I'm the one holding the dollar, and it looks like you're the one wearing the paper hat!" This type of interraction is typical of my ex-husband. I only hope that when he runs into that angry, ugly service person, he is not with our daughter. I'd hate for any stray bullets to hit her...

The telephone conversation today was long and their situation was left unresolved. His stance was - she should never, and he said this - "belittle him" in public again - and, no matter how embarrassed she was by his behavior, she was to "lump it"... God, how many times did I have that same conversation with him?

I gotta give the kid credit. She stood her ground through the entire argument. She was firm in her resolve to never, ever be a doormat. She even said at one point - that she was not going to be treated like a pet!

I have to be particularly cool at this juncture. He'll be calling me tomorrow at work, to discuss our daughter's poor upbringing... I don't want to jump all over him right now, as I will need to rely on his kind nature to provide some child support after he gets the ax on Tuesday.

However, I will be more than happy to point out that his child is on the honor-roll at school. She neither drinks alcohol nor does drugs. She hasn't had sex yet. She doesn't steal. She doesn't feel the need to lie. She helps others without being asked to.

I would love to add that it is most unfortunate that her father's sense of self is so poor that he is threatened by a 14 year old with an opinion!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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