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I'm too hormonal and PMS'y to make much sense today.

I'm angry with myself, because I got so excited about a new episode of Felicity being on last night, I completely forgot to watch Survivor! I heard it was great, and that complete ass from Boston is now talking smack about his new tribe! He must be fed to the crocodiles - soooooon!

And, Felicity was so stupid! That guy, Ben - what a LOSER! First, he knocks some woman up - Okay, these things happen, but to a pre-med student? My daughter is 14 and she knows that you need to cover it up or you could bring a fungus home! Not good old Ben - he just goes right on in there, his willie as naked as a jaybird - and now he's gonna be a daddy... Not only that - but, he nearly screwed up his golden opportunity to get credit for being a research assistant. All he had to do was check some stupid experiment every 12 hours... Could he handle that? Hell NO! (do you really want this guy taking out your gallbladder???)

Meanwhile, Felicity just LOVES Ben... Instead of Noel - who is a total dreamboat - those eyes! that hair! And, who is taking the advertising business by storm - She's such a dork!

I feel a little better now. Thanks for letting me share!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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