I've made a decision.

I'm not bringing cookies and juice to the church tomorrow morning. I'm being rebellious. Screw 'em!

See, three months ago, I got volunteered to be cookies and juice lady for March. Whatever. I was supposed to find other folks to help bring juice and cookies - yeah, great. I get to annoy 3 or 4 other people... I decided to do it myself.

How was I supposed to know there were five Sundays in March? Plus, of the past 4 Sundays I brought the stuff, they didn't need them for 2... They had brunches and leftovers from some dinner. Plus, tomorrow being Easter, I'm sure they've got some brunch cooked up.

What do I care??? This just means I'm unreliable. They'll think twice before considering me for a volunteer position. Oooh. Cool. Win/Win for Milkmaid!
Give me five!


I saw "Sexy Beast" tonight. Clever little film. Ben Kingsley was really annoying and scary. He's so hot with those black, black eyes and that smooth and shiny head... Mmmmmmmmmm Ben Kingsley.....


Tomorrow looks to be cloudy and cool. Good weather for much napping and house puttering. Kidlet is going somewhere with her father, and I'm sticking a turkey breast in the oven for sandwiches later. Napping is good Easter activity.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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