I got an interesting Google hit... "Giselle Fernandez Fucking" I bet it was her!!!


I haven't updated in, it seems, forever. Nothing really has been going on, and my head has had little to contribute. I think I'm working with a low grade depression. I would go out and walk it off, but since I fell on my ass three weeks ago, my foot is still hurting, and long distance walking is completely out of the question. Plus, it's as cold as a well-digger's ass outside!

Lately, I have been elsewhere in cyberspace. I've been fighting and fussing with my "friends" on the Showtime Queer As Folk message boards. Jesus, what a motley crew! It's mostly in good fun, but every once in a while, a complete brawl will break out. I just love it when that happens! Yesterday, there was a squabble going on, and a very hostile gay man totally kicked my ass. Now, that is problematic, because when your adversary is a gay man, you cannot flirt your way back into his good graces. He doesn't give a shit if you are cute. Really. I only hope I gave as good as I got! Today, another guy - one with whom I had a battle royal last week, was kissing my butt, trying to talk to me about soccer. I never bothered to respond to his butt smoochery. I have my principles after all... I wonder sometimes why I continue to post on that particular board. It's like a dysfunctional family. I come from a dysfunctional family. Hey - I have my answer!! It's like going home!


Last night, the kidlet was watching "If These Walls Could Talk" - the one about abortion. So, she and I were discussing it, and commenting on how terrible it is that people bomb clinics, and kill doctors, and how difficult it must be to decide whether or not to have an abortion. Of course, she asked me if I have ever had one of those... Hmmmm... Don't want to lie.... Don't really want to go into it at 11 p.m..... So, I told her it wasn't polite to ask such questions. To which she replied "Oh, that means you did". FUCK! Now, we have to sit down and have tea and cookies and talk about the extraordinary "Pro-Choice" stories in her family. Yes, I'll have to tell her about my experience. Plus, I'll get to tell her the legendary story of her grandmother, who in the late 1940's, married, but not wanting children, had to search all over Arizona to find someone to help her out. Of course the stupid git waited until she was nearly 5 months along before she found a nurse who did the old back-alley job. My mother nearly bled to death, but kept her mouth closed when the doctors at the hospital demanded to know who had performed the abortion. When a woman is determined, she will go to any lengths to become un-pregnant...

At any rate, I'm not looking forward to this particular talk. I need to tell it in a way that doesn't bust me for having casual sex with somebody who I didn't plan to ever see again. I've been sort of pushing the whole abstinence is best, and waiting until she's in college plan. I would really like it if she didn't find out her mom was a total slut during the 70's and most of the '80's.... Must think of convincing story....


On a more uplifting note - I fixed the bathtub knob all by myself! It cracked, and we were having to turn the tub on and off with pliers. I went to my favorite "meat market", Home Depot - broken knob in hand, and found a new, not cracked one, brought it home, and stuck it on. Who needs plumbers? Not Me!!!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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