Friday! Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow, the kidlet and I are going for tea at Crickett's Tea House. It's great having a daughter, because she loves to go for tea. We're going to dress up and be fancy women. After that , it's on to the theater for "The Panic Room". That Jodie Foster get's my goat. She keeps popping out these babies, and a week later, she's skinny again. What is up with THAT? I'm still trying to lose the post-partum fat and my kid is fourteen!


Speaking of kids - I was outraged tonight at Borders bookstore. We went there to cruise guys and buy books and such. (BTW, I got some pretty good action, but the men were not up to par). Anyway, I spotted a little girl, about 3 or 4 years old, walking around the store, crying and calling for her mother. Seeing a child who is lost in a store is particularly painful for me, as my mother used to wander away from me all the time in crowded department stores. I'd spend what seemed like hours looking for her, and she would be completely unaware of my trauma.

So, I asked the child if she was lost, and when she told me her mother had left, I assured her she had not, and told her to come with me and we would find the lady who works there. The lady would help us find her mommy. Borders is huge, and very crowded on Friday nights. Plus, this little kid just came right with me - no questions, no hesitation. What if I was a pervert or an axe murderer?

We went to the information booth and the clerk paged her mom. Nobody came. So she asked the child what her mom was wearing and the kid told her. So, my kidlet and I went looking for the mom. We found her after a lengthy search, unconcerned as shit, in the CD section. I asked her if she had a little girl with her, and she said she did. I told her that her little girl was at the front of the store, crying for her. She said "Oh, she got away from my other daughter" with a totally blank look on her face. I said, really loud "She's been wandering all over this store, and she could have been taken by a kidnapper!". No response. She just started walking away, toward the front of the store.

I haven't always been the perfect mother. I'm sure my kidlet will need her fair share of therapy as she gets older. But, I NEVER, EVER got so far away from my 3 year old that I couldn't see her... I suppose some parents just figure their kids will be okay, and don't bother to worry about them. I guess most of their kids do grow up without being kidnapped or killed. But, it just pisses me off that if something had happened to that little girl because her mother was a negligent idiot - we'd hear about it on the news, and we'd be expected to feel sorry for her poor grief-stricken mother! Bah!


Oh, yeah. Update on the abortion talk... *Gulp* We had our little talk. I explained that I was in my 20's, I had sex with a man I had been dating, and stupidly, I didn't use protection and got pregnant.

She seemed okay with that part. Shocked, I guess that her mother had a life before she came into it - but I suppose that's natural. She was a bit worried that I had gone through some kind of traumatic experience like the women on "If These Walls Could Talk". I explained to her that I did not, and that I went to a regular hospital, and was asleep for the whole thing. She seemed relieved about that.

I was starting to tell her that her grandmother had had an abortion, and she interrupted me with "Well, THAT doesn't surprise me!"... I just let that one drop.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

WOO HOO! "Queer As Folk" is renewed for TWO more seasons!!! God/dess is Good

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