We ended up not going to the Gay Pride festivities in Long Beach. We set out - I dressed adorably as a lesbian in my levi's and grey levi t-shirt - makeup applied in a subtle manner... By the time we got to the bank for cash, we both decided it was going to be more of a hassle than it was worth. First, we had to go all the way to Long Beach - a town that has managed to kill nearly every dead person in my family - I always get the heebee-jeebies there. And, my kidlet, who is a veteran of an AIDS walk was quick to assure me that most gay guys don't look like Brian Kinney - so I was sure to be disappointed by the eye candy. We can always go to the West Hollywood parade in June. It's supposed to be a HUGE event.

We ended up going up to Palos Verdes to see Spiderman. I was afraid it would suck, but I really enjoyed it. The special effects were great, and the actors were good (especially Willem Dafoe - niiiice hair). Afterwards, we walked around the PV mall. We went into Abercrombie and Fitch, looking for those famous toddler thongs (didn't find any) and had some poor shopgirl giving us hand massages at Origins (we didn't buy anything, heh heh heh).

Now, we're back home and all my chores are done. I did them all yesterday in anticipation of being gone today. It's gonna be pot roast and smashed potatoes and broccoli slaw for dinner. Six Feet Under at 6 o'clock - then on to Survivor for the rest of the evening. I love being boring!

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