I have managed to raise a kid who majors in bullshit! I suppose I could look at it as a good thing. She'll need an acute ability to bullshit in her future. I needed it. We all need it. However, it is a little difficult to be on the receiving end of the bullshit. Like how she didn't need to go after school for math tutoring because (after she yammered on for 20 minutes) she already found out how to do what she didn't know how to do - to the tune of an "F" on her progress report - in class... Uh huh. She can talk an arm and a leg off you when she wants to get away with something. All I can say, is she'd better pull at least a "C" on her report card, or I'll have to do a bullshit-ectomy...


I don't understand Angel any more. He's fat. Cordi is all glowy. The only character I care about any more is Wesley, and he's banging the bad lady. I dunno. Maybe it's me.


A female friend from work and I were talking about being lesbians yesterday. Yeah, I'm paying attention to my work the way my kidlet pays attention to her math class... Anyway - my friend says that she could picture kissing a woman, or maybe doing a little above the waist touching - but, she couldn't picture herself touching another woman's hootchie. She didn't like the fact that it was all wet and smooshy. I kind of thought that smacked of self-hatred, but anyway. I pondered that too. The first time I got a hand full of erect dick, I though it was the weirdest feeling thing I'd ever grabbed. Really. It shocked me. But, after a while, I sort of, I don't know, REALLY LIKED IT. Because, when it got all puffy, it was because I was making it happy. I suppose if I was making somebody's hootchie all wet and smooshy, it would be much the same thing... Hmmmmmm.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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