Mmmmmmmmm. Spike with a soul... A soul he wanted. No Angelus with soul thrust upon him in a curse. Spike wanted to have a soul, so he could win over the slayer he loves.

Gawd I am such a closet romantic!


This upcoming weekend will be a 4-day treat. I'm vacationing on Friday, and ditching the kidlet out of school too. (sleeping in...)

I'm reading a very nice novel now. It's called "Good in Bed". I plan to spend some time this weekend, sitting on my balcony, alternately reading the book, and watching the birdies.

I also need to get some exercise. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow - to get a refill on my Beta Blocker. I live in fear that she's gonna kick my fat ass. She'll ask the age-old question: "How much exercise do you get each day, Milkmaid?" To which I'll reply like I always do "Oh, I just started a walking program last week"... I'm such a degenerate liar! A fat degenerate liar!!

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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