Alright. I'll admit it. That Brian and Justin breakup last night was pretty fcuking huge. Really emotionally draining. And I wanted them to break up! Gosh, I'm such a sucker for boy on boy romance...

I'm not sure what's happened on the QAF set, but things have improved a whole lot in the past month. (Oh, yes. I attribute all of the improvements to my well timed letter to the head of original programming - but that's because I have a power complex). No. I think this improvement was a combination of a lot of stuff. I think it will continue next season. Hell, they got rid of that horrible woman, Karen Walton. She stunk up the entire season with her stupid "comedy" episodes. Listen, if you're gonna write comedy - remember one thing. It has to be FUNNY.

At any rate, I have hope for the future of my favorite television show. That is something I haven't had in months. Even though I hate to see Brian and Justin suffer so. "Hello, psychiatry department - I think it's time for my next shock treatment...


My kidlet may not have to go to summer school after all. She's been studying her ass off, and apparently she feels comfortable enough that she may end up with a C in the class. This is good news. Not only for her, because she'll be able to sleep in and enjoy a relaxing summer - but I too will be able to sleep in and avoid rushing out the door every morning. I love summer. Stock up on sandwich foods and potato chips and my job as a mother is essentially done!


There are, like a zillion dirty dishes looking at me. I'm trying to ignore them... I should go over there and take care of those dishes, huh?

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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