I watched Monsters Ball last night. Three words: Depressing, depressing, depressing...

Poor Halle Berry! So many bad things happened to her character, I was surprised Billy Bob didn't just end up removing her spleen with a butter knife.

Halle Berry is a good actress. She's beautiful. But, they gave her an academy award for her work on this film... Why? She got to scream hysterically a bunch of times. She cried. She looked depressed. And she had some long and intense sex scenes with Billy Bob. THAT'S IT!! She got the oscar for acting aroused near Billy Bob Thornton! Geez he's fugly! Okay. She can keep the statuette now...


My boss is going to be in the office today - all day. He's going to take me to lunch. He's going to be on me like white on rice - sitting at my desk, using my phone, looking in my filing cabinets. I am going to so hate this day.


We got the pictures back from the parade! I got some damn fine pics too! I'll try and post one particular goodie when I get a chance. It's of the guy on the back of the Showtime float. He dropped his speedo's and showed the crowd his fine little ass! And I got a perfect shot!

Gotta go shower and get ready for my special day in hell...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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