Whew! For a few minutes, my QAF link was gone from this page! I thought they'd read my rants and were punishing me. Naaa. Their server was all crashed. Now it's back. See, there's big old Debbie Novotny!


I made hotel reservations for the kidlet's birthday weekend in August. We're going to go to San Diego for two days. The San Diego Zoo (her idea, not mine) on a Thursday. Friday it'll be the whole day at Balboa Park - museums, Hari Krishna's dancing - nature abundency, and then home on Saturday, stopping on the way to attend a Native American pow wow.

Even more cool than the above, will be our stay at the haunted Holiday Inn... Oh yes, it's haunted!!! My ex-husband and I stayed there nearly 20 years ago. One night, we craved candy but the floor where we were had no machine. The ex ventured up a floor or two and came back with eyes as big as saucers... I followed him to where he got those big eyes - one of the floors - I believe it is the 5th floor - gives off the most eerie vibrations. Thick, creepy feelings - so creepy in fact, the few additional times I've tried to walk down the hall on that particular floor, I didn't make it to half way before I ran back to the elevator... Once we asked the front desk personnel about the hauntedness - they confirmed our guess. Plus, a fellow who works with me now, used to work there years ago. He says he remembers something about it too... Oh, yes. Haunted Holiday Inn, here we come! The kidlet is more excited about that than the rest of her birthday weekend.

I'm so looking forward to getting out of town. I'm looking forward to visiting the park. I've been going to Balboa Park since I was born, (Navy baby and all) but whenever we visit San Diego, the park is always the last thing we do - and I'm usually anxious to get on the freeway and head home. This time, I get to just cruise the place at a leisurely pace.

Relaxation. What a concept.

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian, QAF

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