I got up at ten minutes 'til six this morning. That's after lying in bed, wide awake since about four thirty. Shit.

It's most likely my suggestability working here. I read last Friday that one of the hallmark signs of menopause is insommnia. I never have insommnia. I enjoy dreamless sleep no matter what is happening in my life. All I had do was read about insommnia, and I caught it right away. Oh sure, I am right in the middle of the "climactic" - Auntie Flo hasn't been to visit me in a couple of months now. I have my own personal summer nearly every day and night - eewww! Whatever. Insommnia? I.Don't.Think.So......

I didn't really sleep too well last night either. I woke up a few times because the cats decided to kick each others asses. I got a couple of anxiety attacks, even though my life is so completely boring - I have nothing realistic to be anxious about. One of my legs had an itch on it - in a place where I practically had to contort my entire body around to scratch it. There was a tiny buzzing insect making passes by my left ear.

I'm not too tired though. And, it is kinda fun to be up when nobody else is up. Just me and the birds.

I guess, if I do have menopausal insommnia, it'll be me and the birds hanging out like this a lot more often...

"Life Not Worth Living If You Not Take Risk" Brian QAF

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