"We're caught in a trap.

I can't walk out.

Because I love you too much baby..."

That was for you, Big E.

I love that song. I just melt whenever I hear that particular Elvis song. You know how you can hear music, and be instantly transported to another time? You can feel cold or heat, smell things, re-live emotions? It's weird but very cool. I go back to 1971 whenever I hear that song. I was a Junior in high school, and every morning, Kaleen Hutson would pick me - and three of my gal pals up for school. All of us were either Banner Girls (me!) or Drill Team members. We'd be wearing hot pants outfits with little vests - or tiny little skirts, or maybe even hip-hugger bellbottoms!. All of us were still virgins except for Cindy Vaughn. She was such a slut, but we loved her anyway. Well, Kaleen was the only one with a car (Corvair), and the 5 of us would squeeze into it, and as we headed off, she'd pop Elvis into the 8-track player. Every morning, same thing. Elvis...


I adore Starbucks. I know, that's like saying I love Satan, but it's true. I so enjoy knowing there's a shop that will serve me a Mocha Valencia any time I want one. With whipped cream on top. I love going into Starbucks and hearing trendy music and admiring overpriced coffee doodads while standing in a long slow line with other coffee aficionado posers. Can one jump to a logical conclusion that I am evil, simply because this gives my life meaning? Perhaps.


Today I have reached a new level of understanding with the universe.

I have stopped worrying about how George W. Bush will end up being the death of me, us and future generations. I no longer have to avert my eyes when I see that horrible little rat face on the television, doing his best to convince us all that everyone he has a beef with on the entire planet is "evil". Pot calling the kettle black much???

The fact of the matter is - It's probably time that God wiped the slate of all of us. He/she/it should really just call a do-over. I'm completely good with that. Frankly, I don't really give a shit anymore.

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