Yesterday, my feet were all swollen up. This has been happening lately - due, I believe, to my increased inclusion of sodum-laden fast foods into my diet. I simply have to pay attention to that. I mean, I deserved fat feet. The day before, I went to KFC for lunch, and for dinner, we went to Pick Up Stix, where they serve "healthy" Chinese food. I had forgotten about soy sauce and sodium! And, of course, I ate the left over Chinese for lunch yesterday.

Round about 3 p.m., my feet and ankles looked like they belonged to somebody else. Somebody with huge, swollen feet and ankles! The butterfly on my tattoo looked like a freakin' 757!

So, I took a little of my own advice. I forced water. I took vitamin B (nature's diuretic). I went for a walk to get my heart/kidneys going. Only problem with the walk, was at the point of no-return, I suddenly had to pee really, really bad... Oh, the torture of walking back over half a mile on a full bladder.. And, of course, I was up most of the night too. Doesn't matter. My ankles are once again petite wonders. No more salty foods for Milkmaid!.


Tonight, Scott, Cathy and I are going to dinner and a movie. Well, hopefully we'll go. See, Scott and I want to do antipasto or salad at the Macaroni Grill, and then go see "One Hour Photo". Cathy, wants to go see a movie that won't scare her (she suggested that Eddie Murphy Disney thing - ewwww?), and she wants to be back at her house by 10 p.m... I though I was a fuddy-duddy! She may not go. That could work in my favor.


Very happy for a three-day weekend. Only plans I have are to deep clean the apartment and hit the mall for last minute back to school shopping. Oh, and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep...

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