Tonight, I'm feeling positive, and contented and extrordinarly relaxed... I'm not sure why exactly.

Three things might be adding to my good mood -

First, I am taking those supplements. The Omega 3 or Omega 6 that's in the Flax oil, is recommended for depressions of all kinds - my kids former psychiatrist gave her some instead of Prozac. I guess it works by lubing up the brain or something. Plus, the CoEnzyme Q10 is supposed to make a person more energetic and fix their brains as well as their hearts.

Second - I paid an overdue bill today. I take much pride in paying my bills on time. I used to be on every creditor's shit list, but I've cleaned up my fiduciary act. Somehow, I forgot to pay this one bill I inherited with the divorce. It's not in my name, it's in the exes, but I pay it on time every month. This month, I don't know what happened! When I discovered it was late, I thought I would FedEx it, but there was only a PO box address. Then, I thought maybe I would pay it on line, like I do other bills. I tried, but they wanted me to call some 800 number and update information. Now, the good people at the credit card company, don't know about our divorce. I could pass myself off has his current wife - but, I just got all anxious about it and gave up the on-line payment idea. So, I dicked around a couple more days, and finally decided to send the payment via 3-day delivery. But that would cost me $3, and suddenly I'm cheap... So, I called the 800 number on the bill, and figured if a human answered, I would hang up really fast, before they could trace the call. No humans answered. I was able to advise them, using my touchtone buttons that a sizeable payment was on its way. I stuck a check in the envelope and placed a stamp on it and dropped it into the mailbox. All that time, and energy, wasted. Whew!

Lastly, I got a rent increase this weekend. $30. Why does this make me happy? Well, after the trauma of living in our last apartment, and knowing full well we were paying about $300 less than we should have been. And realizing the axe could fall at any moment. And living with that stess for 2 years, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect here. Would the rent ever increase? If so, would it be a huge chunk of money, all of a sudden, like our last apartment? Would we be able to afford living here? Was my paradise going up in smoke? Nope. $30 is completely do-able. No trauma at all. Plus the owner sent a note to let me know they will clean my carpet whenever I call to make an appointment! I've never had that happen before. And, they're going to install new vertical blinds in the kidlet's room! Woo Hoo!

So, yeah. I'm feeling pretty good. Kinda like I got laid, but without the hassle...

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