Well you guys, it's finally happened. Our little girl is all grown up... Yes - Sarah Michelle Gellar has wed her Prinze!

You don't suppose she's knocked up, do you?


This afternoon, on my way back to work after lunch, I was beset upon by two suicidal squirrels! Jesus - they practically threw themselves under the wheels of the Geo! I swerved to miss one, and the other nearly got clipped! Poor bastards. I hope they get some professional help.


I'm absolutely goofy tonight. Last night, there was this tiny little earthquake at about midnight. Nothing even worth commenting on, really. 4.6 or something, way over by Pasadena, or Yorba Linda. But, the air and the mood and the atmosphere before hand had me completely anxiety ridden. Me and the cats. I couldn't calm down. I couldn't sleep. I jumped at every noise. Ewww. Pre-quake jitters are nasty! Then, after it hit, except for some building settling bumps and crackings - I went right to sleep. Unfortunately, it was after midnight... Now, I'm tired and goofy.

Better luck tonight. Maybe the plates beneath us will be still. The cats seem calm, at any rate.

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