No. I didn't die. Nobody air-lifted me off the AIDS Walk on Sunday. I've just been doing other stuff, and whenever I think I should sit down and write here, I can't think of a blasted thing to write.

Okay. The AIDS Walk was really fun. I had anticipated it to be hot, and my legs to hurt and me to be completely bitchy. None of that happend. Well, except for the leg hurting stuff. It only got bad the last 1/2 mile - and we walked that AFTER completing the 6-1/2 mile walk. We had to get to our car... All in all, we did about 8 miles. Lots of things to look at whilste walking. Lots of enthusiastic, smiling folks. Lots and lots of high-school drill team members. Fun, fun day!


My Brenda Dygraf "Life Walker" arrived yesterday. I put the thing together and gave it a test-spin. Except for it being huge and ugly - and not complimenting my decor one bit - it's very cool. Gives me a good cardio-workout without any pain, or trauma to the ligaments in my knees, or whatever it is that hurts. Of course, I can tighten the resistance belts to give my ass a workout - but, I like to take things slow and easy. First cardio - then ass...


Speaking of cardio, my doctor put me on a diuretic, because my ankles are puffing up lately. For three days, I did nothing but pee. I lost 2-1/2 pounds without altering my eating habits one bit. Cool! I wonder how much more of me is water?


I am so looking forward to this weekend. The kidlet is supposed to go with her dad all day on Saturday. I'll be all alone, with a book, and my new comforter - it's supposed to rain... "Heaven! I'm in Heaven!"


Last night, I had a little trouble falling asleep. Seems the Hawks have made babies. They were screaming at each other in high-pitched screams - miniature versions of the sounds their parants make. It was so cool, I stayed awake just listening to them carry on. Nature just ROCKS!

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