Not really that pissed off about it. I knew what I was doing, the moment I clicked "submit for review" over at the Marked Accordingly review site... But a fucking 29 out of a possible 100????? This here, "Amish" diary must really be a suckin'!

Okay. They didn't like my font. They didn't like my color scheme. I guess I could add some bells and whistles - but to what purpose? Would that make my entries more entertaining? More emotionally wrenching? Edifying in any way? Gosh, I don't think so!

Perhaps I should write my entry titles more mundane - sort of matching my entries... You know, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, rather than giving them some spark - because if my entries aren't as "rockin'" as the titles - I guess I shouldn't post them at all.

I could, stick a photo of myself right smack in the middle of the diary page itself. like my reviewer did in her, way-cool diary - so's you'd have to manuver around me to read my entry!!!! That'd be awesome!

Oh, I almost forgot... I need to work some new material into my actual entries. No more of this day to day, "my life" stuff - nosireee! I'm just going to have to buckle down and get out there and party with my homies (you know, like the 20 something year old reviewer does in her diary), because there will be no more writing about my life - if my life isn't - you know - Bitchin'!!

On the good side, I realize that I totally forgot to add "previous and next" buttons. Oops! My bad! - and, that in order to fully appreciate this diary, one needs to be "over 30, celtic, single and sympathetic to gays"

Whew! I feel better now. Go back to whatever you were doing. Talk amongst yourselves...

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