Got a new coffee maker.. Yep. It was even on sale, so I don't have to feel bad about spending the money. I already had a coffee maker - a nice one. It made my coffee while I was sleeping so I could awaken to that smell. Day before yesterday, I noticed a rather large pool of water underneath the coffee maker. Hmmmm. Did I do that? I wiped it up and prepared the coffee maker for the next morning. Everything was fine. I drank my coffee, and turned the coffee maker off.

Last night, I began my coffee maker preparation ritual when I noticed that the coffee maker was warm - no, hot. It was still on, even though I had turned it off! Damn! No programmable coffee for me in the morning. I had to get up today and plug the thing in! Talk about living like a refugee!

So, tonight at the supermarket, I found a good looking Farberware coffee maker that I can program to brew whilst I'm sleeping. It was on sale, so I shouldn't feel guilty, right? The old one was probably a fire hazard - right?


I'm having such a great time watching my ex-husband deal with his new bride. He used to accuse me of having the world's worst PMS. Oh, it was all in my head. I used it as an excuse to torture him. Bladidy Blah Blah... She's going through freakin Menopause and he's always asking what he should give her for it. Telling me how she's always pissed off at him for absoutely "no reason". Taking her to the doctor for it. Asking me how long this change of life thing goes on for.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold" - and by someone else. Nyah, Nyah, Nyah...

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