Gee. Let's start with the conspiracy-theory stuff that I love so much.

"Spectacular Attacks" huh? I thought we'd been preparing for over a year, so no way anything resembling "spectacular" could go on. What are we paying these government hacks for anyway?

Oh yeah. Conspiracy stuff... Let's talk about "Homeland Security" shall we? Have we been paying attention? Probably not, which is what Dubya and company have counted on. See, I think all this war and rumours of war stuff is all about creating such fear in the American public, that when we finally get the bill for all this "security" (and believe me, it's going to be expensive as hell) there will be no money in the coffers to pay for it - Oh, MY BAD! There's Social Security! Never mind! Also, since Dubya, always true to himself - decided to enable private companies to bid on these government jobs (Homeland Security jobs???) - I'm just wondering how many of his buddies' companies will manage to win the contracts. Hmmmmm.

At any rate, I think I'm going to take my hard earned salary, and instead of wasting a portion of it on my 401K, which I might as well be flushing down the toilet right now, I'm going to put it somewhere safe. Like under my mattress.. I don't feel patriotic enough to smile while we eat Spam for the "war effort".


On a more pleasant note, I have nothing to do today. It's my oyster! I think I'll mosey down by the shore, to do some Christmas shopping in those cute little beach-y shops in Riviera Village.

I feel content today, because I have taken care of my family. My company decided it was too impoverished to give out Christmas bonuses this year (oh, they blamed it on 9/11 of course. 'Cause nobody is purchasing expensive items like we make - you know - PENS and PENCILS). Meanwhile, we added a multi-million dollar warehouse and ordered up a multi-million dollar computer system - which is four months past due, because they can't get the bugs out of it...

Whew! Anyway, I'm a good provider, because I took 5 days of vacation in cash, and turned it into Christmas money - plus my state tax return gets turned into my kidlet's medical insurance (my half) for next year. The ex will just have to find his $600 somewhere... Plus, I have $300 left over to squirrel away in the savings account. (Which means something will happen that costs $300, but I have it, so what the fuck?! Bring it on!)


On my message board the other day, I was accused of wishing I were a gay male. I think the accuser was using it to bait me, or insult me in some manner (he's a bit of a psycho). I wasn't bothered in the least, but I did think about it. Do I, wish I were a gay male?

Hmmm. Lemme see. Social/political difficulties aside, would I rather be a nearly 48 year-old, peri-menopausal woman with stretch marks and a nasty temperment because she never gets laid - or, would I rather live a life of sensual pursuits, riding and sucking the cocks of beautiful hairless young men?????

Gee. Give me a few hours with that fantasy, and I'll get back to you...

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