I baked an apple pie yesterday. A delicious, fluffy crusted, perfectly seasoned apple pie.

Though the coughing fits continue - I must be on the mend...


My kidlet got an unexpected visit from her Auntie Flo today. I say "unexpected", because I didn't tell her when she was due for a reason. I wanted to see if we could avoid an entire week of weeping and gnashing of teeth with the PMS. I didn't tell her, AND, I dosed her up on vitamin B50, E, Flax Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, St. John's Wort, Valerian, plus cut out all chocolate from her diet...

Now, I don't know whether her PMS was all in her head, or a combo of the above. Whatever. Our house has been the peacable kingdom. I'm not gonna argue with success.


Oh, just so's you know? This last week, when the congress came together for the last legislative session? They passed a whole lot of stuff before they went off to Thanksgiving holiday, including one small item, tacked on to the end of a bill. Apparently, they decided to allow Eli Lily immunity from prosecution, should one of their vaccines be implicated in the cause of Autism. Own personal place in Hell anyone???

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