My eyes! My eyes hurt from the absolutely breathtaking view from my balcony. I've got pristine skies, and both the San Bernardino mountains - AND the Santa Monica mountains to look out upon. At dusk, I totally got the "purple mountains majesty" thing. They're kinda purple ya know.

I'm on Christmas vacation. I had this weekend off. I work Monday - but then, I don't go back to work again until the following Monday - with Tuesday and Wednesday off. If I work my head around those statistics juuuuust right - I can turn this into a long hiatus. This vacation thing makes me relaxed. I've been tooling around town in the Geo. Not caring if I made it through the green light, or if I had to sit and wait another turn. I got a gift certificate to Borders from one of my bosses, so I picked up a couple of things for me. Had some chai. Saw one-half of the lesbian couple I used to be close friends with during my married years. She smiled, but didn't stop to chat. I suppose that's because she was with her new girlfriend, and didn't want to have to worry whether I would bring up the fact that she's a skanky ho-bag, for cheating on her former better half, in front of her('Cause I'm still friends with the former better-half, and I got an ear full after things went south in paradise).

I was contemplating a couple of things this morning, while snuggled up with my cat under the quilts. I contemplated the similarity between Christmas and Yule. Funny thing, that. Every year, in December, the Christians celebrate their holy day. The time when the Virgin Mary (venerated by some as a sort of "goddess" - I mean, some folks even pray to her) gave birth to a child that would be God. A God who would someday die... and yet, return. While every year, in December, Pagans celebrate the time when the Goddess gives birth to the God. A God who would someday die - and yet, return. The Pagan story is much older than the Christian one. But the Christians believe theirs is so unique and original.

Then, I got up and had a lovely cup of French Roast.

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