So, I'm watching this whole war thing pan out - with a mixture of horror and humor... It frightens me how the fascist regime that is in charge of the US can give the finger to most of the rest of the world. Nations which used to be friends, get the big "fuck you!" from Dubya. He doesn't have to care. He's got his bunker decorated in a lovely Ranch style.

Dick Cheney's ready to make more billions, as his company, Halliburton has been granted "clean up and reconstruction" rights to Iraq.

The already filthy rich, can clean up financially, when the stock market takes a dive. "Buy low. Sell high". It's the American dream. However, due to the widening class division of late - not that many of us "have-nots" will be able to purchase a whole lot of shares of anything...

Can't wait until the puppet government the US installs in Iraq begins to rot from within. I can't wait until the people rise up and overthrow it - just like they did in Iran. Then we'll have at least two radical Muslim countries who hate us and are willing to die proving it...

But mostly - and this is just a personal thing - I cannot wait until the fallout of Dubya's misguided, greedy, unholy campaign, begins to have an affect close to home. When enough John and Martha Q-Publics, who have lost their sons or daughters to this war, or have had their sons and daughters returned to them with mysterious ailments or neurological damage that cannot be explained by the V.A. doctors. When John and Martha begin to remember the names of some of the people who were cowed or blackmailed by the current Administration into surrendering their Constitutional War Powers. John and Martha are going to know who openly lied about the real reasons for this war, and who turned blind eyes and deaf ears to the lies.

I just cannot wait...

March 17, 2003

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