Hmmmmm. The law. Yeah. Sucks big time!

My first interaction with an attorney didn't go quite the way I'd like it to.

He said that he'd advise my ex-fuckhead to take ME to court!

See, we have "joint-legal custody" of the kidlet (Ironic part, is I decided to give him joint legal custody. Didn't have to. He chose not to become involved in his own divorce, but I - ever the benificent woman, GAVE IT TO HIM! No good deed goes unpunished.

Anyhoo, since the legal part of the custody is joint - he has every right to object to her psychologist, and we are bound to find one that is mutually acceptable. OR - he can take me to court and have a judge decide who the kid goes to...

Also, the lawyer had big issues with the psychologist advising the kidlet to take some time from her dad. Because even though he's a train-wreck of a human - he has visitation rights (again - I decided when and how the visitation should go - and boy, was I generous!)

According to the law, if he calls for a visit, I have to force her to be available, or I could be fined or jailed in contempt of court. Yeah. I'd look really cool in an orange jumpsuit...

So, I spoke to the kidlet. I explained to her that shit happens. She and I have to belly up to the bar (literally, eh?) and prepare to visit with daddy dearest again.

I assured her that nobody would force her to kiss his ass, or agree with him. As a matter of fact, I was thinking that maybe a 30 minute visit over coffee at Starbucks might be a nice beginning. The Starbucks close to our house, so she could walk home if she needed to.

Oh, she carried on, and wept and hollered - but in the end, she relented. She'll try and wrap her head around the idea of seeing him. Bastard.

So, I guess the lesson is - when you do your own divorce, and you feel guilty for breaking up your "happy" home - don't be generous! It will only come back to kick you in the ass later.

I'm not going to fire her psychologist unless and until I'm forced to do so by a judge. The phone lines have been real quiet though. He hasn't been calling anybody. That can only mean he's up to no good. We'll see what he's made of, now won't we?

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