Um. Yeah. Woke up at the crack of dawn to see "Matrix Reloaded". Keanu was hot. There was plenty of ACTION! ACTION! ACTION! Cool hairdos. Nice fashions. Hip-Hop sensibilities. Special effects up the ass... *Yawn*. Is it me??? Am I wrong to want more out of a film?

I did have a lovely conversation with a good looking, wealthy man whilst waiting for the movie theater Barista to whip us up some cappuccinos. Alas, he's married to another. But it was sure nice to talk to a maaaaaannnn.


Looks like the current asswhuppin is finally done, over at my message board. The be-atches did come back to de-host the artwork and logos. Thank goddess my partner lives in Florida, so by the time anyone came on board this morning, he'd already found new art.

Speaking of the message board, one of my favorite passionate posters, wrote a wonderful essay Here

Tomorrow, I plan to visit the nursery. I want to find some colorful flowery plants for my balcony. It's spring dammit! Even though my emotional state is low, that's not excuse to ignore the season.

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