If anyone ever offers you the ownership of a large internet message board? DON'T TAKE IT!

Sweet Jebus... I've been busy day in and day out, with in-fighting, complaints, PM's, emails, whining, whimpering, stomping - GAAAAAAH!

I had the great good fortune to be able to delete the membership of my predecessor (with her blessing - for the 4th time...) and also to block her from being able to PM me.

Really, this broad has been responsible for at least half the throw-downs we've had on the board. Now she and her friends are gone - perhaps peace will reign for a while at least. Whew! I'm exhausted...


On other fronts:

Filling out my mother's application for the senior's residence in Redondo.

Kidlet is feeling depressed and anxious lately. Not really OCD'ing - She goes for Psyche and Therapy next week.

Reggie is sleeping outside his crate these days. As long as he doesn't eat anything valuable in the night, he's cool.

OH! A bunch of us are going to see "Matrix - Reloaded" tomorrow morning! We're bringing muffins and Starbucks. Keanu Reeves - with breakfast.... MMMMmmmmmmmm.....

No word in a week from the lawyer. Grrrrrr.

I'm currently reading: "Dreaming War - Blood for Oil and the Cheney/Bush Junta" by Gore Vidal. He RAWKS!

Gotta work!

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