Heh. I went under the knife this morning...

Had to have that suspicious mole removed from my belly before it turned on me and killed me.

It wasn't such a bad experience, though office-surgeries have gotten awfully high-falutin' since I worked in a doctor's office. What with all the draping, and spotlights and gowns and masks and such - you'd have thought they were going to remove my gallbladder! But no. Just a little sting with the lidocaine and then - nuttin'... The doctor said he didn't think by the looks of it, that there would be anything bad. He said he was going on vacation for a couple of weeks, so if I didn't get a call, not to worry. Then he said if they DID call in a week, that meant it was something HORRIBLE. Gee. Thanks. I'll be sitting by the phone.

At any rate, I've lost a part of myself. My little mole. Though it wasn't so little any more, and that's why it had to go. I've suffered no pain, though believe me, I asked for pain medication. I was denied. That sucks, because half my friends are strung-out on Xanax, and I can't even get a freakin' aspirin!


Oh, and speaking of people who might be HIGH - Looks like the The Idiot In Charge is at it again...

I just have a question - maybe it's me - but where does he get off deciding just because HE believes marriage is a man/woman thing - he should make a law denying gay folks the right to marry each other? I thought the President was supposed to represent us - not rule us...

I think the boy is cornfuzzled!

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