Mechanic called. The car needed new "rotor wires" (??) and the idle regulating valve either needs cleaning or to be replaced. He's going to clean it, but if it doesn't work - they'll have to keep the car over night and get the part in the morning.

See, this could work to my advantage. I'm forced to stay home today (except for the walk to the drug store for cleaning supplies and snackage). I'm enjoying the forced relaxation so very much. It's incredible to doze off without guilt, or that panicky feeling I usually get when I wake up from a nap.

Plus, if they keep the car over night - I can tell my mother I can't haul her around tomorrow. Not that I wasn't looking forward to spending Sunday schlepping grandma around - it's just that the next day is her birthday, and I'm going to be taking her to dinner, so that's two grandma days in a row. Almost too much fun to bear.

Still can't think of a fun thing to do for kidlet's birthday next Saturday. I got the guitar and amp. We're getting her little nose pierced. She wants a cake (I usually forget that - weird, huh?). I've got to find something fun for her to do with her gal-pals too. My head is far to relaxed to think about that stuff right now.

Speaking of kidlet, she called me all upset. I think she finally learned the lesson of "discretion" she so badly needed to learn. Apparently, she let it slip to her uncle and his girlfriend/wife that the ex-fuckhead had told her about the girlfriend/wife's miscarriage last year. How did he word it, you ask? "I don't know if this is good news, or bad news, but Denise had a miscarriage"... My kid told that poor woman he said that. There was a hue and cry at the uncle's house. Much carrying on over what a fuckhead the ex-fuckhead is. The kidlet was mortified. Maybe next time she gets the urge to blab stuff, she'll remember this weekend, eh?

Oh, and a little p.s. to Pandionna Thanks for reminding me about tonight being perfect for a sailor. Unfortunately, I just don't think I can get it up to shave my legs...

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