Daughter is BAAAAAAAAACK! She's an international traveler now, and has flown on 6 airplanes. I think that's about as many as I've flown on.

She's back, and my house is once again messy and loud. The dog is beside himself with joy. Me too.

I got to do a lot of people watching while I was awaiting her flight. I got there 90 minutes early, because I couldn't judge how rush-hour traffic was going to be. As it turned out - there was NO rush-hour traffic. Who knew? At any rate, people are so interesting to watch. I saw some GORGEOUS men. From Italy. And one from France who looked like Ryan Phillippe. The men from foreign lands all wore nice smelling cologne. It was nice in the airport, but I can imagine being cooped up in a plane with all that frou-frou might make one reach for the airsick bag. I also saw two geeee-orgeous gay guys. How'd I know they were gay? Well, gorgeous for one. Close-cropped hair. "International Male" t-shirts. The way they stood next to each other - the phsical distance they DIDN'T keep that straight guys seem to need to. Matching wedding rings... and one of their names was "Boyce". BOYCE? Come on!

So it's back to work. I checked my voicemail and the Credit Manager wants to talk to me about some stuff I told him I was going to take care of - but didn't.

Sucks to be me.

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