Not well... Not well at all.

Yesterday, I felt great. Happy to be alive! As I was driving home for my lunchtime walk with Reggie, I got a slight 'pang' in my upper belly. Nothing to write home about, surely... Then the panging became a bit more severe - and a lot more severe. Then came the cold sweating and the nausea... Uh-oh. Not going to be a good lunch hour.

Poor Reggie. I'm staggering along behind him, begging and pleading and cursing for him to hurry up and 'poop'. We barely made it back up three flights of stairs and into the safety of our apartment before I hurled.

Oh, the freakin' PAIN!

After about half an hour, the agony subsided in my belly. I had to take the kidlet to the dentist, and I had to take care of urgent business with a customer, so I dragged myself off the sofa and back to the world. What a trooper.

At any rate, I only horfed off once, and the only thing I ate yesterday was a bowl of split pea soup at 8 p.m. (Hence, another pound lost - yippee!) Today, I feel bletchy and kind of sick. I must have a virus.

The best part of all of this, was I got to lie about on the sofa last evening, watching CSPAN. I'm addicted to CSPAN. It seems the only place one can get the news - truthfully, because one can watch the news as it's happening.

I had a ball watching the 9th Court question lawyers regarding the California recall. Frankly, between the legaleze, interspersed with Latin, I could only understand about half of what was said, but if was fascinating to watch the process.

I switched to the other CSPAN, and laughed whilst Robert Byrd quizzed one of Dubya's minions about how many other countries have actually financially contributed to our little war in Iraq. The guy said he had 'pledges' from 61 countries for a total of $1.8 billion. Senator Byrd wanted to know how much actual cash we'd collected. Of course, the guy couldn't say... It was also disclosed that of the 30 countries who have contributed army personnel - many have only sent 250 guys...

I love CSPAN.

I intentionally missed Dubya's speech to the U.N. I hope they all stood up, took off their shoes and banged them on their desks.

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