I'm just writing this to cover up that last entry. I noticed the link I provided changed from DUBYA HAVING THE LOWEST RATING EVER!! ONLY 49% OF THE POPULATION THINK HE'S DOING A GOOD JOB!!!

That rocks extremely hard.


I'm starting to get paranoid. The kid's school says she cannot have her Gothic club either. The activities director told her it should be under the umbrella of the Science Fiction club. She said she didn't think very many kids would join the club, and a bunch of other stuff that my kid couldn't remember, some of it was about it being against school rules to have off-site meetings, and every video they showed had to be approved by the district.

I gave her a call and left a message on her machine. I said that apparently my daughter was missing a large piece of the puzzle as to rules for starting clubs. I asked her if all the other kids had the book of rules, and somehow we did not. I asked her to call me, so she could tell ME exactly what the school required to start a club - so my daughter can get a club started...

We'll see if she calls me back. I feel like telling her to go fuck herself, but that's not going to help my kid in the future. Maybe I'll tell her on graduation day.


I got my boss a birthday present at the book store. I bought him Al Franken's book "Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them". I've never purchased a book for myself, and loved and respected it so much that I purchased another copy for someone else. I LOVE Al Franken's book. I laughed hard, and I cried while reading it. It gave me hope that ultimately, the good guys will win.

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