I may never cook another turkey as long as I live. That is, if "Hof's Hut" continues to offer such a sumptuously delicious feast each and every year for the rest of my life... Damn. Just.Damn!

After we dropped my mother back at her apartment, the kid decided I just had to take her to "Our Lady of Guadalupe" church. She was feeling especially spiritual and had an urgent need to commune with a higher being. I told her it was probably locked up. It wasn't...

It was dark outside, and she was nervous to be in the church all alone, so I agreed to accompany her, but stand in the back.

The first thing she did, was to turn the lights on in the alcoves, so she could look at the statuary. Then, and I watched this in slow motion - she opened the door in that gate-like structure at the front of the church, and stepped behind it. I heard her heavy goth boots clump, clump, clump... and silence. Where'd she go???? I didn't know if there was a secret tunnel and she'd end up in the priest's locker room - or maybe somebody had handcuffed her and the police would be pulling up at any moment.

After a while, she came back out. Apparently, she'd been back there talking to Jesus. In the pitch dark. Like you can't do that just anywhere.


Today, we're at home waiting for the plumber. (Oh yeah. I got the snake removed from my kitchen sink. Some guy at the hardware store advised me to break out one of the cross bars in the drain with a large screwdriver. Worked like a charm). I still have a stopped up sink, and using paper plates, cups and utensils is getting mighty old. I really can't afford to take a day off from work to wait for the plumber. That tweaker had better show up soon!

We are having a lovely, long weekend. I've been doing some embroidery, and I found a way to tie my hand-made (now costing nearly $100) Christmas cards together with Raffia. Reggie and I saw a Peregrine Falcon sitting on the fence of the community garden. We got pretty close to it before it flew away. I think I'll start taking my binoculars with me when we walk. Our neighborhood gets a lot of birds in the winter.

Well, I guess it's off to do more relaxing.

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