Well, it happened... The kid called her dad.

It's been a year since they've had contact with one another. She's been acting out like crazy. Last evening she threw a gigantic PMS fit with door slamming and screaming. I decided I was going to move far, far away... At the end of the whole scene, she admitted she had been wrong at the start of the WHOLE daddy/daughter fight. (Not about all the legitimate crazy/destructive stuff he did - just the part in the verrrrry beginning). So, she called. They talked for about one minute before she decided to say goodbye and hang up.

I think it was good that she spoke with him, because now he's not just some imaginary boogey-man in her head. She said he sounded like he always did. Like she'd just talked to him the day before. She went to bed happy, and has been in a fine mood all day.

So, I guess if this means no more acting-out, anxiety, fit throwing on her part, it's a good thing.

I wonder if her head pains will go away now...

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