Last evening, the kid and I had dinner at our local spaghetti restaurant. Over pasta and garlic bread, we had the following discussion:

Her: "Mom, I have to tell you something" she whispered over the table...

"Today, in the shower... I shaved my ass-crack"

*Silence as I try not to choke and/or die laughing*

Me: "Well, you're going to be pretty uncomfortable when that stuff starts to sprout. Oh, if you wouldn't mind - try to refrain from doing it again for a while. Because I can't take time off from my new job in order to rush you to the ER with a bloody ass crack"...

Her: "Geez! I know how to call 911 you know".

Sigh. They just grow up so fast.


Speaking of ER's and such... I was fortunate enough to remember to call my new company and find out how long the waiting period for the insurance to kick in was... 90 days! I have to sign up for COBRA. At $691 per MONTH! Fuck Me!!!!!!

It's only money. It's only money. It's only money. It's only money. It's only money......

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