Errrgh... So much to do. New job tomorrow at 8 a.m....

I had a dream the other night, in which I showed up for my first day - in pajamas and bathrobe. Thankfully, the staff didn't seem to take notice and offered to buy me lunch. After we pulled up to the restaurant, I looked down and saw that my feet were bare. Whereupon, I burst into tears.

Me? Nervous???????? Naaaaaaaah!


My former co-workers gave me a fabulous send-off. Flowers, cards, a lovely luncheon. My friend, Scotty followed me around all day with a video camera - to capture every good-bye hug.

It was a bittersweet day. Of course, I'm excited to begin a new venture. But I do remember "growing up" at that old company. I went through the hippie, Berkenstock-wearing years, the college misadventure, the nose-piercing at age 40 - the divorce, the mid-life crisis weight-loss and skank-ho, hicky-sporting behavior. Then there was the single mom who is celebate by choice, OCD having teenage daughter with wacko ex-husband. That's a lot of changes under one roof.

I think I'm grown up now. I'm really ready to move on.

At any rate, my co-workers pooled together and got me a $180 gift certificate to my new favorite place - Kohls. And they were having a HUGE sale yesterday. I purchased the following:

4 bath towels

Bathroom rug

Shirt for me

2 new handbags

Bra for the kid

2 pairs of pants for the kid

3 shirts for the kid

2 pairs of Mootsie Tootsie leather shoes for me and I still have $12 left on the card!!!!

Today, it's clean the car day and get haircuts day. After all that is done, I'm planning on some serious relaxing...

I'm soooooo excited about tomorrow!! Woot!

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