I tried to post something last week, but the kid accidentally pushed the little X box in the upper right hand corner and it disappeared...

At any rate, I'm typing this on her brand new C0mpaq Presario with the flat panel and 210GB of hard drive and 512MB of RAM. Yep. Life is good.

Job is still fun. For two days last week, I got to sit in as the owner's Executive Assistant. He's treated like a rock star. Seriously. And not for anything, because he's earned it, but I'm not sure he can wipe his own ass any more. He's probably got an assistant for that too. Sheesh!

It was exciting to be the assistant, but I'm glad it's over. Very nerve wracking all in all.

I've had a virus of some sort for the past two days. Body aches, belly ache, sweating (good Lord, the sweating!), vertigo and a slight headache. Yesterday, I just lazed around on the sofa. It was actually kind of cool for a change to lie about watching movies and reading. Speaking of reading, I've fallen in love with a new writer. Augusten Burroughs. I started reading "Dry" which is the book about his adult life and his getting sober. In the middle of "Dry", I started reading "Running With Scissors", which are his childhood remembrances. I switch from one to the other, depending upon my mood. The books are great, but the bouncing back and forth in time makes for even a more fun reading experience. I highly recommend the books. Amazing stories, and true. Wow.

So right now, life is good. Not in the world. Certainly not in Iraq. Life outside of my own little apartment is horrific and scary and unjust and at times, purely evil. I've become overwhelmed by it and somewhat numb. I felt shallow after a guy at my office asked me if the "Iraq thing" had gotten to me and I said no. I guess my psyche is taking a little break. Oh well...

Gotta walk the dog.

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