Oh yeah! I forgot to mention this tidbit...

Sunday my gay boyfriend and I are going to attend the 41st Annual ACLU Garden Party. Yeppers. We're gonna be (get this) at a private residence in Brentwood (on 0.Jay's former street), eating finger sandwiches and rubbing elbows with the likes of Margaret Cho who is being honored, James Cromwell ("Six Feet Under"), Paula Poundstone and Tom Hayden. I believe "Judging Amy"'s Amy Brenneman will be there, since she helped to sponsor the party. And because this is so close to Hollywood, it wouldn't surprise me if Mr. Tim Robbins and his woman, Susan Sarandon were in attendance as well. Hell, maybe the Dixie Chicks will show up!

Gotta get me some sunglasses so I don't look like I'm freakin' staring!

Duuuuuude! I'm so excited, I'm about to plotz!


These Bush Memos are certainly interesting. HERE you take a look at the type-face for yourself. A couple of them look like they are old fashioned, but one of them looks sorta modern to me. I hope they are legitimate. That would be cooooool.

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