I don't know how she does it...

Last night we went to Kohl's "lowest prices of the year" sale.

I wanted to get the kid and me some warm winter jammies and socks.

I figured we'd spend - I dunno - a grand total of around $60, even if we picked up extra crap we couldn't live without.


Let me see. Jammies for both of us. One pair of really soft, smooshy socks for me. Hot pink terry robe for her. Three pairs of panties for her. Hot pink what do you call those things movie stars wear over their eyes to sleep??? - Yeah. Those for her. A pair of suede gloves - for her. A multi-colored knit scarf - for her.

Oh, and two shirts for my mom, but she'll probably pay me back for them.

I think me and the kid are going to have to re-think this "if it's 'clothes' the mom buys them" agreement we have. I don't mind it really, and I could have said no. But come on... Suede gloves and a knit scarf? We live near freakin' Los Angeles! It's never going to get that cold!

Oh well. As long as she's happy, I guess it's okay.

I love my jammies! Last night, I slept with an unzipped sleeping bag on my bed. I swear, that was the best sleep I've had all week. Lately, I've gotten cold while I'm sleeping and I can't seem to get warm. Last night I slept so well, I didn't even get up to go to the loo in the middle of the night.

Plus it was a lot like camping...
The kid is at work. I'm here with the animals. I realized that I'm never alone. I'm either surrounded by people at work, or I'm here with the kid. It's kinda cool to be by myself for a few hours.

Hey! I could be downloading porn right now!

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