A slice of life on the Metro...

An old man took his glass eye out and showed everyone in our car. Women screamed.

Somewhere in the bowels of the city of Los Angeles, you can purchase a Subway sandwich, or walk next door and purchase live poultry.

A family of clowns, father clown, son clown and 5 year old daughter clown blew up latex gloves as if they were animal balloons, and got off the train at Hollywood and Vine.

I get train-sick.

A sad-faced young man roamed from car to car, where he stood and gave empassioned speeches in Spanish. I don't understand much Spanish, but I didn't hear any references to "Jesus" or "Dios", so I don't believe he was preaching. I think he mostly was telling us how poor and desperate he was. Some people gave him dollar bills.

Everyone we spoke to or asked directions from along the way, was helpful and friendly. Even the scary looking people.

November 28, 2004

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