Some days it's best not to plan. I got up very early this morning in order to get my car it's every other year smog test (we have to do that in California, in order to keep the bad air at bay - considering we have so many cars and freakin' SUV's around here)...

At any rate, the smog place I had to go to (because the Geo is so elderly, it needs a specialist tester) was unexpectedly closed, so I turned around and started back home. I was travelling down a moderately busy thoroughfare and there were plenty of stop lights, so I had the opportunity to insert my favorite Social Distortion CD, when I happened to look up at the sky... I could not believe my great fortune! I was sitting directly in the path of the annual South to North Monarch Butterfly Migration. The sky was alive with orange and black butterflies! I got chills! I was very close to The Madrona Marsh Nature Preserve which is my own personal vision of what Heaven must be like, so I drove over and went right in.

There I was, walking down the winding paths, butterflies floating by, dragonflies darting back and forth in front of me. On all sides, were ponds with rushes, pairs of ducks, snowy egrets - I distinctly heard the bark of a fox in the distance...

I wandered the place for about half an hour, just soaking it all in. Never once did the thought of how my hair isn't the right color, or why, oh why can't I own a Ford Focus enter my consciousness. I could only appreciate how miraculous and beautiful the world is. And how no matter what has gone on before, the butterflies continue to migrate every year, and the rain falls and makes ponds for the ducks to swim around in, and the rushes keep the ducklings safe, and life goes on and on.

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