I saw that guy again. The one I regretfully ran into a couple of years ago at Big Lots while I was purchasing fat shorts for $3.00 each... The guy I used to have hot sex with date back in the early '70's when I was taut and pert, and I could get and keep my feet behind my ears...

That guy. The doctor.

I spied him at the super market this time. Of course, he didn't recognize me, as I now have lovely auburn tresses. But I recognized him. He's got to be 65 years old, and I swear, he looks hotter than he did back in the day, when I knew him before, and he was only 36. Daayyum!

Every time I came near him in the grocery aisles, he stared at me, sort of puzzled like. He knew he knew me from somewhere... Of course, he wouldn't recognize me by my hair. Or the width of my 50 year old ass.
Tomorrow the kid and I are taking the L.A. mass-transit system (which includes a break-neck speed ride on the subway) to Universal Citywalk, which is a fun shopping/restaurant/entertainment venue next door to Universal Studios. This afternoon, the bomb squad had to blow up a suspicious backpack left next to the train tracks. Heh. Great.

Oh well, I guess, if a terrorist blows us up - it was just meant to be. Better that than waiting for Bird Flu to kill us, eh?
The news today said that Canada is begging for more immigrants! They have a big-assed country and not enough taxpayers to improve the roads and bridges and whatnot. See, that's the difference between Canada and here. In Canada, everyone pitches in to make the place better. Here, everyone pitches in to make the Fortune 500 better.

Anyway, I'm calling 1-800-CANADA to find out how I get in.

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