MOO-VIE REVIEW - "Crash" 2004, Director,Paul Haggis

Okay, I understand I'm late to the party on this one, but I can't get a rental card at the movie store (due to rather casual return history on DVD's I'd rather not go into here) and I had to wait until the thing came out "on-demand" from my cable company.

I watched it twice. It was that good.

I cried, I laughed, I hollered, I scared the dog.

I got my kid out of bed early this morning and forced her to watch it.

She liked it too.


If you are lamer than me, and still haven't seen "Crash", just do yourself a favor. Block out some time (2 hours and 58 minutes), gather together all your movie watching supplies, disconnect the phone and watch this film.

It's that good.

Oh yeah. It's about racism. But not in the usual way. I was waiting for the formulaic bullshit we usually get when a film-maker portrays racism, but happily, that's not how it went. Oh, and I think it is also about how we go about our days, and even though we don't notice it, we "touch" other people and influence their lives, for good or ill by our interactions with them. And that's pretty cool too.

One to five cow-plops, five being best... 4.5 plops

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