Funny how things are so much easier to figure out after a good night's sleep, cup of coffee and a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat with lettuce...

Not sure about anything on this page except I'm happy it's no longer purple! I can tweak the colors and fonts - and even the image at the top, but at least all the crazy-making HTML stuff is over for now. Afterwards, I feel very accomplished - you know, like the egotistical CFO at my company can't do HTML - even the simple stuff like I did on this page...

So for just this minute - the page is finished. I have to get dressed and outta here. We're going to visit my mother at "the home" and then to a Native American Pow-Wow in San Pedro. Afterwards, it's laundry, vacuuming and dish washing. We've got ants up the wazoo due to the construction in the next door apartment. They're not really looking for food, just a new place to live. I fed them a bunch of ant poison, which they were happy to take back to their little buddies. Hopefully they'll be dead before too long. I can't stand sitting here and seeing a little black moving bug out of the corner of my eye.

In "good" news - my kid DID NOT get approved for $37,000 in federal aid, so we don't have to uproot our lives and move to West Hollywood just yet. After giving it much thought, I like where I live and I'm not ready to change my living situation for now. So this means I don't have to deal with any of that and she's none the wiser.

In other news... GEORGE W. BUSH IS A FUCKTARD.

That is all!

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