Ran into the ex-husband yesterday at the book store. Actually, I saw him out of the corner of my eye as I passed by. He saw me out of the corner of his eye too. I would have flipped him off, but my kid was somewhere in the store, and I knew there would have followed some sort of loud and ugly - but enjoyable scene, so I just got into the checkout line and hoped he didn't follow me.

When the kid tapped me on my shoulder, I mentioned that her dad was in the store and she freaked out saying "Are you sure it was him??? I've got to get out of here!". I told her to calm down. That he looked fat and bald and he wouldn't recognize her with her reddish/brown hair anyway so not to panic. I told her she could talk to him if she wanted to, but she declined, saying she was just not ready yet. It's only been 4 years, and a few days ago her friend Shauvin mentioned he'd been in her metaphysical shop and told her that if she saw the kid, she should have her call him on the phone. He's got our phone number. If he wants to talk to his daughter so badly that he's stalking her friends - he should just call!

Anyway, we passed him again on our way out. He was looking around the store as if trying to find her/us, but we just walked by. He didn't follow, so I guess that was that.

Why doesn't he just stay in his own town instead of coming all the way back here to shop?
It's a lovely day. All my chores are completed for the weekend, and I've baked cookies. There are clouds overhead and a chilly breeze blowing the palms out in front of my balcony. It's sign-up day for T-ball over at the Little League field. I'm trying not to be depressed by focusing on the fact that Spring will come - and Summer. And the kids will be playing ball and the warm sun will be shining. In a matter of a few months the cold and gloom will pass.

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