Of course, I knew this would happen... My mother got kicked off of Hospice care because she just keeps dieseling along. Not better. Not worse. Just keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny!

So now I have to find her a new doctor (there is one next door to where she lives and he takes care of about 75% of the residents) and I have to get her records sent over to him too. But I don't have to take her to her doctor's appointments because where she lives, they offer that service. And the Hospice social worker said that if she got sick, or an infection or something, then I could call them and they'd take her back. So, I guess that's something anyway.

I'm on 10 days of blissful vacation. My company is shut down until January 2nd! WOOT!!!

Gonna be doing some old fashioned relaxatin' and napping, with a healthy dose of Jerry Springer thrown in for good measure.

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